Monday, November 29, 2010

Hair Washing Robot? Is this the future?

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The Japanese are well ahead of the rst of the world in the art of robotics and now they've created a hair washing robot.

Designed and made by well known electronics company Panasonic. It has 16 fingers and it washes and rinses the hair with pressure equal to a human hand. It also scans the head to determine the size and work out how much pressure is needed and it massages the scalp in much the same way as a hairdresser does :)

This sounds like a brilliant invention to me as I love the feeling of having my hair washed at a salon and the way they massage your head while cleaning your hair. Ifind it deeply relaxing and i've often been so relaxed that i've almost dozed off. To be able to do this at home would be wonderful.

Is this the future of at home haircare?

How much will it cost?

At the moment it isn't on general release but it will be interesting to see how much it costs and whether they'll sell outside of Japan.


  1. What if it catches your hair :O Naw I doubt it though.

    I totally agree that having your hair washed is like a massage. I always feel like going to sleep too but I always get pain in my neck from lying down like that. But this is really neat.

  2. um, can it blowdry and style my hair as well? sold.

  3. OH WOW!!!
    Trust the Japanese to invent absolutely Brilliant Things, and that hair washing robot is a definite MUST in every household :)

    Thanks for sharing dear


  4. Great idea I think)) Although I am a bit reluctant about giving control over my head entirely to a robot.
    Massage looks great, but do you think a robot can get the shampoo entirely out of your hair?

    Otherwise it looks like a must! If like melina bee said it could also blowdry and style your hair...))

  5. it's an amazing idea but I don't think we'll see this very soon on the market XD

  6. Yeah i dont think so too unfortunately. I'd love to have one attached to my bath tho :)

  7. Yes indeed the japanese are true innovators!

  8. unfortunately not! lol

  9. i really wanna go hairdressers after writing this lol

  10. Ha Ha that's awesome. Trust the Japanese they are really ahead of the west when it comes to technology and this is the perfect example. I don't know if it will every take off but it is definitely cool.


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