Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Blogger Love feat. Bangs and a Bun & Vogue Gone Rogue!

I'm a big fan of supporting other bloggers and I love the blogging community in general. You would think fashion blogging would be competitive but it really isn't which really surprised me at first. Today I'm going to introduce you to 2 awesome bloggers. Muireann of Bangs and a Bun and Kristy of Vogue Gone Rogue.

Muireann really is a blogger with a heart of gold. This March along with a large group of bloggers she will be running the Paris half marathon in aid of the charity Refuge. That's 20 km people (OMG!!). They are hoping to raise £10,000 for the charity which helps victims of domestic violence. I'm hoping to travel out with the girls to act as cheerleader which i'm sure will be a lot of fun. This will be Muireann's second half marathon in 6 months. She really is very brave and inspirational. She's also very funny read her blog if you don't believe me.

For more info on the charity refuge Click Here
For Bangs and a Bun's Blog Click Here
To donate Click Here

Kristy is a finalist in Sunglass Hut's full time fabulous contest where the prize is the chance to blog full time in NYC. She truly is fabulous and deserves to win in my opinion. She would make an excellent full time blogger I've loved her blog for a while now and she is super stylish. And she really tries to involve other bloggers in her adventure and she's soo soo nice. You can check out her audition video in my sidebar which also includes the link to her fulltime fabulous blog. Pay her a visit and show your support :)


  1. Thanks for helping to support #TEAMKRISTY!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  2. Great post! Bloggers know sharing is caring and it is a very supportive community. When you help someone else you help yourself. Thanks for the introduction to Bangs on the Run; being a runner myself I am excited for her. I run marathons so 20K is not alot to me :P
    I'm already familiar with Kristy of Vogue Gone Rogue and SO happy for her with this full-time fabulous gig through Sunglass Hut. You just reminded me to go and visit her new blog, actually. Thanks!

  3. P.S. there is no link to Kristy's blog here. You may wish to add one so readers can visit.

  4. the link is under the video where it says click here :)


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