Monday, June 20, 2011

Blogger Boutiques - Aminta Online


More and more bloggers are opening up their own online boutiques and in this weekly series I intend to show you some of the best ones. I'm a huge fan of giving support to small businesses and this is the perfect way to do this and show some love to my favorite bloggers. Some bloggers make the products themselves while others sell items that they've curated and chosen. I'll not only be showing you some of my favorite items from their stores but I'll also be interviewing the bloggers in question to find out their ambitions and influences.

First up is blogger Aminta and her boutique Aminta Online.

Aminta Online is a vintage influenced boutique which is a joy to browse through. The website is well designed and the prices are very low. On top of this she offers free worldwide delivery.

Here are some of my favourite garments:







So I caught up with the gorgeous woman behind the blog and the boutique and asked her all about her unique boutique.

How long has the shop been running?

Almost one month

Do you make the clothes yourself?

Some of them are made by me others are customized but mostly vintage pieces, and soon will include a designers section.

What inspires you?

Everything! Is amazing to feel inspired from daily life... people, nature, animals, magazines, other bloggers, family ... I could make a big list.

What made you want to start your own shop?

Im a bussiness woman, Im always looking for extra income, to be my own boss and take risks... I never know If what I start today will be a success or a failure but in my mind only exists the phrase : Go for it!!

What are your future plans for the shop?
Keep selling my own designs & vintage pieces and support new designers selling their creations worlwide.


Isn't she fab? So what you waiting for? You can visit Aminta Online here.


  1. Thanks so much for this!! <3

  2. What a talented lady! I'm seriously in love with the second look!

  3. I love that second outfit, a fan of high-waisted trousers. Thanks for introducing her shop, I'm always supportive of emerging talent. :)


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