Friday, June 24, 2011

Circle Lenses - About, Review and Care Instructions

I've loved circle lenses for well over a year now but haven't worn them for a few months but that has now changed. Read on to find out all about them as well as how to look after them followed by a little review. Enjoy!


Circle Lenses are basically coloured contact lenses that make the eyes look bigger. They achieve this by ensuring the coloured part covers the iris and some of the whites of the eye. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colours with the average size being 14mm in diameter. The lenses originate from Korea and are popular in South East Asia and among Korean and Japanese celebrities. The most popular and well known brand is GEO. Many will have become aware of circle lenses thanks to the Lady Gaga video Bad Romance.

Care Instructions

  • They should not be worn for more than 6-8 hours at a time.

  • Rinse lens case before use with multipurpose solution.

  • Soak lenses in multipurpose solution for at least 8 hrs before insertion.

  • Wash hands with unscented soap before inserting lenses and before removing them.

  • After removal clean lenses with multi purpose solution and fill lens case with solution too. Case must be screwed closed to prevent lenses becoming infected with germs.

If you follow these care instructions you shouldn't have any trouble with your lenses.

Review - Geo Super Angel 2 Tone Blue


Ease of Insertion

These lenses were extremely easy to put in even though I'm very out of practice. Circle lenses can sometimes be a little fiddly but these were great and went in easily and on my first attempt.


When I first put them in they felt a little bit uncomfortable as I haven't worn them in a while but that sensation subsided after a minute or two. Even after a few hours wear they still felt comfy and I soon forgot I was wearing them.


I love the brightness of the blue hue and it is a radical difference from my normal deep brown eyes. I also love the size as they make my eyes so much bigger. These lenses are actually 14.8mm wide which makes them a whole centimetre wider than the average iris and it shows.


I'm overjoyed with these lenses. They gave me the depth of colour that I wanted and are extremely comfy. What's not to love?

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  1. The only thing I find is that the brown sticks out because your pupils don't fit the pupil hole. I never really found the purpose to colored lenses though I have seen some that looked really authentic.Yours area bad color on you though! It's interesting to see people's different takes on things. I wish I could get contacts as I hate my glasses but with my dad having glaucoma I have to be really careful and decided to not take the risk.

  2. Well hello lovely! I love coloured lenses as i have very dark brown eyes... Green would be my pick here.

    I hope all is well with you, the blog looks amazing!


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