Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FTF Blog Event–Inspiration Board : The Seaside


This month’s Full Time Fabulous Event has a beach seaside theme. So in this post i’m sharing some seaside inspiration. I do love to be beside the seaside (oh I do like to be beside the sea). There’s something hyper relaxing about being at the seaside with the waves rippling and sand between your toes. It reminds me of childhood and fun frivolous times. Do you love the seaside as much as me?
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  1. I love the sea just like you said, it's relaxing. I enjoy the sunshine near the water, there's something special about all of the colours glistening and I love the smell of the ocean. Very nice inspiration images Faye. :)

  2. I definitely agree with you Faye...there is something great about being in the spells TOTAL RELAXATION...with great friends...some margaritas or pina coladas...some beach theme games...and you will surely have a blast...


  3. Great source of inspiration! Love the beach! :)

  4. I definitely enjoy the seaside, especially private beaches. i miss the beach a lot!

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    Thank you!

  5. Beautiful photos! It's definitely nice to get away from life for a bit and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the beach! It's very calming.

  6. There is something so serene about that first photo, I love it.

    I wish I was on a beach right now... I could use some relaxation and rejuvenation right about now, and the images you picked just make me what to go more!

  7. I know those bright seaside cottages are very common in the U.K., but they're an unusual site for someone in the States. I always find them perfectly tacky and beautiful at the same time - just how the beach should be! :)

  8. Loving all your inspiration! That first picture is especially charming. I've always wanted to live in a little seaside town!

  9. loved your ftf post!!! fabulous!! the photos are inspiring!!! kisses <3

  10. YES!!! Love the sea and I agree there is something in the air that makes me soooo relaxed. That first image is beautiful. Thanks for sharing Faye!

  11. I would love to visit a beach SOON!

  12. yes indeed the seaside is very relaxing, provided that it's not packed and it's not very hot!!!
    I live near the beach so I try to visit it often!!

  13. Pretty collection of photos :)

  14. I always feel like a kid at the beach too!

  15. I love being by the seaside, I always feel so much more relaxed!

    Maria xxx


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