Thursday, November 24, 2011

TBA - Clothes To Be Adored

uk beauty blog tba

uk beauty blog tba

uk beauty blog tba

uk beauty blog tba

I first discovered fashion label TBA while browsing fashion blog Wish Wish Wish which is the handiwork of the uber stylish Carrie. I was immediately drawn to their pretty dresses and stunning seperates. They have a classic and almost ethereal feel.

TBA is the brainchild of UK designer Binbin McNiven and her design ethos is simple - 'to design clothes that make people feel special, clothes that people will adore'. The label is a fairly new one as it's only been in existence since early 2009. But in that time the brand has garnered a cult following. The beauty of TBA clothing is in the details. Embroidery is widely used as are peter pan collars and soft pastel hues. TBA is well known for its vintage inspired tea dresses but they are so much more than amazing dress designers. They also make some particularly cute trousers and jackets too.

Binbin had been working as a freelance designer prior to forming TBA but decided she wanted to design clothes that she herself would love to wear and TBA was born. She really understands the female form and utilises colours, textures and shapes in a way that creates clothing that is truly feminine but in an understated, classic way. I recently had a sneak peak at the TBA SS12 collection and it doesn't disappoint, it is incredibly beautiful and well designed. TBA really does live up to its name as all the collections are To Be Adored.

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  1. Hello, i have just been to the clothes show Birmingham and have brought one of your outfits. I love the style of your clothes however i am unsure where i can purchase the? i like some of the items photographed above do you have an internet site where i can purchase these?
    Thanks Amber


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