Saturday, December 17, 2011

Katy 'n' June - Quirky Korean Stationery in the UK

Whenever it nears the end of the year I always get an overwhelming urge to buy cute stationery. I'm a stationery addict at the best of times but at this time of year I'm even worse. So on Friday I decided to hunt down some beautiful high quality stationery. After extensive googling I was still no nearer to posessing my dream stationery. I was tempted to give up but instead I turned to the font of all knowledge - twitter! From my addiction to her blog I knew that like me Carrie of Wish Wish Wish was a stationery geek so I sent her a quick tweet and she sent me a list of sites to try. Thanks Carrie you rock!


One particular site stood out a mile due to its beautiful collection of Korean stationery. The site was Katy 'n' June. They import and sell a wide range of high quality Korean stationery. Now if you know me at all you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Japanese & Korean stationery. I was overjoyed to discover that Katy 'n' June stock my favorite ever stationery brand that I haven't been able to find in the UK until now. The brand is O Check Designs. So of course I placed an order that included 2 notebooks, deer design sticky notes and a zipped folder with handles that I'll use to store all of my favorite stationery. Delivery was super quick too I ordered on the Thursday and received my order early on the Saturday. Actually very early on the Saturday, the postie actually woke me up and witnessed my magnificent afro! I love the items I ordered but my wishlist of items from this site is as long as my arm so I thought it only right to show you my wishlist!
 Check out Katy 'n' June here


  1. I love stationery, just checked out the website, right up my field :) Cool stuff you got.

  2. So pleased it's not just me with a weakness for stationery. It's my birthday in June and I'm already working up a birthday list which largely involves lots of goodies from Paperchase.


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