Thursday, December 15, 2011

Review - Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Countessa

I've been a fan of the Doe Deere Blogazine for a long time now. The writers personal style is immennsely feminine and very frivolous - I adore frivolity. But she doesn't just write a blog she also runs her own beauty business which includes lipsticks, glosses and eye dusts. The colours in her collections appeal to my attention seeking side with shades such as yellow and green. Odd colours for lipsticks but so up my street. I've admired the range from afar but a couple of weeks ago I finally placed an order. I ordered one of the glosses, one of the eye dusts and of course a lipstick called Countessa which I'm reviewing for you today.


 The first thing you notice about Lime Crime makeup is the super cute packaging emblazoned with unicorns. I absolutely love it. Its a lot more fun than your average lipstick packaging and it looks so pretty and as you know I adore pretty things. The lippy applies smoothly and easily and quite evenly. My main problem with very opaque lip colours has been getting the colour even around my lipline but no such problem with this one. The colour is very bright so of course this colour won't suit everyone but the Lime Crime lipstick collection isn't all about super bright hues they also stock a lot of colours suitable for daily wear. This lipstick wears so well. I didn't need to touch it up for about 5 hours and I don't get that kind of wear from many lipsticks not even MAC. The only negative that I can find is the rather long delivery time as my order had to be sent all the way from the USA. Obviously this wouldn't prove to be a problem for my US based readers (which is about 50% of my readership). To view the whole range visit the Lime Crime Online Shop here. Lime Crime is also stocked at UK based Space NK and their site can be found here.


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