Thursday, December 29, 2011

What A Beauty - Frankie Diary 2012

I've had my eye on the Frankie diaries for a while now and today mine finally arrived. I'm a long time reader of the magazine as it is so beautiful so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed and I was right.

The cloth bound cover ticks all the right boxes for me and inside it is even more beautiful. There's section for everything inside including birthdays, to do lists and even calling cards. Frankie always work with an illustrator on the diaries so they are extra beautiful. I love that they even have an illustration at the back to depict the time worldwide.

I believe they're sold out now but head on over to Carrie's blog to win one as well as other goodies in her Xmas giveaway!


  1. This really is beautiful. I wouldn't want to write in it as I wouldn't want to ruin it xx

  2. Nothing more delicious than a new journal or planner. May 2012 bring you many lovely occasions so you can fill it up!

  3. Oh my - that really is pretty! Almost makes me want to replace my iPhone, but only almost. ;)

  4. What a beauty indeed, I still havent got myself a decent one... again as everz year I leave it to the last minute when everything is sold out. I know what I want though, something cute and small, tiiiiiny, so is easy to carry around, now I just need to find it...asap :)

  5. That's a seriously gorgeous diary! I'm sorry I missed out on the chance to buy one.


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