Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Recent Purchases (Hyper Japan)

So on Friday I attended Hyper Japan as I covered here. It was so much fun and it was lovely to hang out with Florrie. But you all wanna know what I bought, right? I was actually really restrained and I didn't go overboard with the spending. Everything you see below was bought at Hyper Japan except for the shoes.


uk beauty blog hyper japan

uk beauty blog hyper japan

uk beauty blog hyper japan

uk beauty blog hyper japan

I of course bought some DVD's as they were on offer for £5. Kamikaze girls is my favorite film so when I saw it there I snapped it up but went to buy the other two later that day. One is Korean and one is Japanese. Those ice-cream earrings are so cute and were just a few pounds so I bought those too. apologies for the slightly blurry photo, I haven't quite got used to using the DSLR yet.

The shoes were my bargain of the week as they only cost £7! They suit me perfectly as they have a chunky heel and I don't have many light coloured shoes in my wardrobe as I usually opt for black. i bought them in a shop nearby in North London.

I have bought other things recently but I bought them online so I'm waiting for them to arrive - mostly korean/japanese beauty products. I shall be reviewing them on here when they arrive.

Did anyone else go to Hyper Japan?

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