Sunday, March 18, 2012

How the West Gets BB Creams So Wrong!

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I'm a massive fan of BB Creams and you'd have to have been living under a rock to not have noticed the mass influx of 'western' bb creams for sale in the UK. No.7, 17, Estee Lauder and Too Faced are just some of the brands who've released BB Creams recently but they all get it WRONG.

First of all let's explore exactly what BB Cream is and where it originated. BB Cream stands for Blemish or Beblesh Balm and it originated in Germany. It was created to regenerate the skin of laser surgery patients. Korean cosmetics companies heard about it and adapted the formula and started selling it in the Korean beauty market. It became popular thanks to a host of Korean actresses who attributed their flawless skin to their use of BB Cream. Korean BB Creams are a mix of skin care and makeup.

The original (Korean) BB Creams do the following:

Gives the wearer perfect coverage without clogging the pores on the face
Hides pigmentation, acne, discolourisation of the face and other facial blemishes
Heals the skin.
Soften, refines & smooths the skin on the face.
Aids skin regeneration
Has anti-ageing properties
Protects against sun damage

To put things simply a genuine BB Cream is a foundation, concealer and anti-ageing moisturiser all rolled into one. It should provide full coverage while allowing your skin to breathe and regenerate itself. Western BB creams hardly fulfil any of the functions of the original. I've tried the 17, No.7, Garnier, Estee Lauder & the Too Faced BB Creams and to put it simply they are nothing like the genuine article. These brands jump on the BB bandwagon without it seems any idea of what a BB Cream actually is. These brands use the popularity of BB Creams to sell a product that isn't even a BB Cream. These below par imitations aren't much more than a tinted moisturiser with primer added. It really makes my blood boil and since when are there only two or three skin tones? Despite Korean's light skin tones I find it easier finding a shade that suits me from Korean brands.

Yes most Western versions contain SPF but that is about all they get right and while I'm ranting let me say this. BB does not stand for Beauty Balm!

Come on Western brands get with the program and please someone develop a genuine BB Cream. One that is equal or better to your Korean counterparts. I'm not holding my breath though. It seems for the time being I'll be sticking to my favourite Missha and Skin Food BB Creams!



  1. These western brands are being really deceitful, Garnier's cream is just a tinted moisturiser!
    Would love to try the real thing, where do you buy yours? xx

    1. I love they're based in asia but deliver worldwide for a reasonable price :)

  2. I think the trouble is that all these companies already have full coverage foundation, and a myriad of skin care products that all sell well; and if they offered a true BB cream, all those other products wouldn't sell as much. So they produce something that they don't have in their line [perhaps] like a tinted moisturiser, and something that won't jeopardise their other sales.
    While marketing it under a name that they know will get people buying it in droves to begin with.
    If they don't reformulate, I can imagine their BB cream sales dropping considerably after the 1st year.

    1. Good point! It is so deceitful though.

  3. I think so many people are just confused about what a BB cream is so I found this really helpful! I think because most brands here seem to be advertising them as so new and innovative, everyone - including me - is just getting a bit sucked into the hype.
    I would love to try one you've mentioned that is genuine - where do you get yours?

  4. As someone who doesn't really know a lot about BB creams, I am going to completely go with what you're saying. Thanks for sharing this Faye, it's really helpful.

    Sarah Betty xx

  5. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

    Regarding your post about BB creams, you should try Nivea BB Cream. I did not personallly try it, but it did miracles on my friends' faces.

    Ana V

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  7. I totally agree with what you said! I love your blog :D

  8. I would love to try one you've mentioned that is genuine


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