Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hairstyles – the long and short of it


Hey guys so i been doing alot of messing around with my hair recently so that got me thinking. so i decided to share some of the great hime gyaru hairstyles with you.
(photos - all credit to the owner)

Short Hair

hair hairs6 hairs4 hair5 ageha2 hair9 hairs3

Long Hair


gy2 gy3gy4

Sometimes i really wish my hair was longer. !sigh! some really gorgeous hairstyles. Which is your fave?  There’s a  style for everyone here. And so much variety. Which is brilliant for me as i love changing my hair regularly. take my hair colour i only recently bleached and dyed it to change my hair from black to brown. Oh and on another note i notice that alot of people read my blog but dpn’t ‘follow’ me. do the deed people it doesnt hurt hit the follow button :)
Well im hungry and tired now so im off to knock up somethin tasty.

See u soon my lovelies


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