Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Violet’s nails - review :)

Hey there. So today i received my nails from Violet in the post. So exciting!


They were wrapped in lovely material and came fixed to a pretty material covered board. I love the way she stores them. Usually they are sold in ugly plastic packaging and they all fall out when you try to prise them out so Violets way is much more practical and a whole lot prettier.




I've bought nails online before and found  that they didn't look like they did in the photo so i was pleasantly surprised when they arrived because they were exactly like the photo. The nail varnish used had a lovely shimmer to it and it had cute little love hearts on them as well as little painted desserts. The chocolate dripping over the tips is a lovely finishing touch.


These nails are super practical for a busy mum like me. The length is perfect long enough to look pretty but short enough for me to be able to pick up my 2 year old son without my nails scratching him. I thought the heart gems would catch on clothing etc but surprisingly they don’t.


The ones i purchased amounted to about £10 which is very reasonable. In the uk it costs about that to get plain ones so i was very happy with the price especially as it includes shipping.


Well so far I've worn them while washing the dishes, having a bath, cleaning and chasing after the kids and they are still in perfect condition and they didn't come off so i would say they’re pretty durable.

So in conclusion i would say these nails are a winner. Affordable and beautiful and shipped quickly. What more could you want in a set of nails. I’ll be ordering more very soon. i would definitely recommend giving her site a visit to see what you fancy. And her blog is deffo worth a visit for any hime gyaru.

Order the nails at www.violetlebeaux.com/store

Visit her blog at www.violetlebeaux.com

My first review. wahey:)

Till next time


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