Friday, September 3, 2010

Lovely blog sa round-up

Chaudie | Jen | Len | Lu | Tini | Sharona | Shahana | Fuyume | Alicia | Suzanne | Ayame | Elena | Tilde | Samei | Tommy | Jenni | Anna

Check Out the Open Invite Here

Chaudie - getting DIY ideas from xiaxue (also check out her future plans for her blog)

Jen - First day as a junior

Len - no recent posts

Lu - Liz lisa tralala outfit post

Tini - again no recent posts (come on ladies)

Sharona - wants your votes for the black weblog awards

Shahana - discusses onee gyaru hair

Alicia - blogs about my contest. yay!!! (ends monday)

Suzanne - shows off her outfit of the day

Ayame - basics every gal should have in her closet

Elena - posts some funny videos

Tilde - shows off some new purchases (the boots are cute)

Samei - my fellow majikko gal-sa member :) she's lovely. She shows off some gal styles she'd like to recreate

Tommy - says goodbye to London :(

Jenni - talks about the end of summer

Anna - still working on things and ponders whether she is the only western gal ballerina