Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fashion bloggers and how they've touched my heart!

As fashion bloggers we're often regarded as superficial and only interested in our appearance. Its true that as certain fashion bloggers have become well known names their blogs can be littered with outfit posts and pics of whatever fashion show they've been to but there are a whole host of bloggers that are helping to eradicate this image. More and more bloggers are putting themselves out there and making me think about issues that I've not thought about while reading a fashion blog.

Recent posts i've read have included posts on body image, online bullying and how the fashion world has influenced the rise of eating disorders in todays' youth.

But two recent posts have really opened my eyes and made me think and made me thankful for the life that I have. All too often I complain about my life without realising just how lucky I am. Me and my family are in good health, my kids are happy and all round I have a good life. These posts have really made me appreciate that.

The first one I'd like to mention is by collette of statements in fashion.

She recently posted about how her new blog design was inspired by the death of her son. This post actually brought me to tears. It was so heartfelt and well written and as a mother of 3 boys I can only imagine the anguish and pain she went through. I know that when i had a miscarriage before the birth of my boys it really tore me up inside but I was only in my 1st trimester. I think it was really brave of her to write that post and share her deepest thoughts with her readers. Reading it made me appreciate my own kids even more and realise how lucky I am. After reading it I went and gave them all a hug and counted my blessings. You can read her post at

The second post that stood out to me was the button owl's post on controlling men. In my life quite a few of my friends have ended up in relationships with controlling partners. It starts off with things like deciding what they wear or which friends they socialise with but then it descends from there in a lot of the cases - into violence or obsessive control. Button Owl discussed how many of her mum's friends had partners who chose what they wore. In my opinion what you wear is an element of who you are. We use clothes as a way of expressing ourselves. Allowing a partner to control this aspect of ourselves can lead to us losing a bit of ourselves. We as women need to empower and stand up for ourselves. In any case if a partner truly loved you they wouldn't try and control you. You can read button owl's post here -

These kind of posts really show how not all fashion bloggers are vain and self obsessed and that we do think of things other than what we wear. Yes outfit posts and style news and fashion in general is the backbone of a fashion blog but sometimes its good to hear bloggers discuss issues that 'really' matter and it makes me love their blogs even more.


  1. Thank you so very much for reading my post and for posting about it on your very own blog.
    It truly means more to me than you'll ever know:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. aww your welcome. it touched my heart and i wanted to share that with my readers :)

  3. I just finished reading Button Owl's post and I admired her shrewd observation that movies often romanticize overly-attentive and controlling behaviour in men. If women even call more than once a day, on the other hand, we are called crazy :)
    You're right that picking someone's clothing is the ultimate in control. Case in point, when I was a child my mother chose my clothes and it caused problem later on because I had no idea what I liked, not just in clothes but anything at all. I had trouble making decisions because they were always made for me. What I wanted didn't matter growing up, so I put my own wants and needs aside for what I thought other people wanted. That's until very recently and it's a constant struggle to remember to honour my own desires.

  4. Seriously I love your blog. It's everything a blog should be - places to go, a sense of you, interesting and beautiful things and places to talk.


    I wish my blog were this complete and looked like this.

  5. That is seriously the sweetest comment i've ever received. Thank you soo much :)


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