Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yohji Yamamoto & Adidas – Y-3 Collection A/W 2010/11

Fall of October 2002 saw the first of the Y-3 collaborations between Yamamoto and Adidas. You wouldn't have thought that Yohji's flawless designs and adidas sportswear aesthetic would be a good fit but between them they managed to create a truly beautiful and immensely popular range of clothing. The clothing includes sportswear for those who don't wear sportswear and some truly original footwear that appeals to both those who love adidas' brand of streetwear and some less street items for those of us who don't like to wear 'trainers'.

They have regularly collaborated since then and they continue to impress me. Their A/W 2011 collection is truly 'Yohji'. His clothing has a distinctly original feel and look to it with form fitted garments often in his signature colour - black. He has created trainers for women that are sexy and feminine often with a wedge and full of colour to give a brighter look to his collection.

He is one of my favorite designers and he has transformed the way Japanese designers are seen in the West. Collaborating with Adidas means those of us without a designer budget can still afford to wear items that are distinctly Yamamoto.

I'm in love with the wedge trainers in the 8th picture. I love the bright colours. In this collection they even do heels :)

What's your favorite items my dear readers :)



  1. Love the shoes.. i think the models can use some funky jewelry... i think these earrings would go great

    any thoughts:

  2. he's one of my faves, too... love this! stripes!!

  3. DEFENETELY the Y3 Adidas wedge.. I lust after them for ages!

  4. The Y3 wedges are lush nice pick. Y3 isan't really my cup of tea, the pieces are look great but in the past all the local shops buy into the sporty pieces. Which means you're just paying a lot of money for sportswear. It is a good collaboration though if it wasn't for the Y3 label, I'm sure a lot of us in the west wouldn't be aware of Yamamoto.

  5. Is it wrong that I want those scary Adidas wedges soooo much!!? :)

  6. they are awesome aren't they? its not wrong its soo right!

  7. i have a preference for the less sporty looking pieces especially the footwear :)


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