Sunday, November 7, 2010

Future Trend - Deer Print & Rumi Neely In Vivi Japan

Deer Print is all the rage in Japan at the moment. From bags to coats to boots. Leopard print is in vogue at the moment in the western world as it has been for quite a few seasons but I for one am starting to tire of it as it can be seen everywhere. Nicole Richie's daughter was recently seen wearing a deer print faux fur coat so I doubt if it will take long for it to become popular on this side of the pond. It's no wonder that deer print is big in Japan as it has a beautiful femininty to it. I'm currently awaiting a deer print fur coat to arrive from Japan (faux fur of course).

On a separate note, Famous fashion blogger Rumi Neely of was featured in October's issue of Japanese fashion magazine Vivi. You'll find her gorgeous photoshoot below and I hear that her blog may soon be available in Japanese for her far east fans.

Aren't the clothes she's wearing gorgeous?


  1. The deer print is fantastic! It's a nice, less predictable and softer alternative to the usual leopard print.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for following my blog. Am your newest follower now. :)

    Normally, I am not into animal prints for clothing. But the deer prints look so soft and sweet, very pretty!


  3. The deer print looks great~I like it better than leopard print!! Thanks for following me:)

  4. Wow, I never thought of deer print being a trend but now I've seen it on here i'm like WOW. I want.

    - nesha

  5. What an exciting trend! I hope it catches on. I'm also sick of leopard... it's almost trashy.


  6. awesome blog, keep it up!
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  7. Oh wow, how fresh and creative. I have never seen or even heard of deer print. You are right, it has such a feminine sense to it and I think it also has a 'innocent' side to it rather than the leopard or cheetah print which I think is more bold. I really like that deer print coat and thank goodness it is all faux (poor Bambi) haha.

    I am also having troubles viewing your blog on firefox... not sure if it is just me? That's why I haven't been commenting haha I don't know what's wrong.

  8. it seems fine on my firefox browser xx

  9. I've totally fallen for deer print. So chic, yet so simple. I'm now on a hunt to find some of my own! <3


  10. I really loved, deer prints. I don;t think I have given them much thought before so infiltrated my mind was with leopard prints. But this is so refreshing. Thanks for sharing this fuyume.

    BTW when is your birthday?

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  11. they're beautiful aren't they? im soo over leopard print.


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