Monday, November 8, 2010

Lily Donaldson on the Cover of Vogue Japan

Top British model Lily Donaldson is the cover model of Vogue Japan Nov 2010. She is featured modelling Miu Miu a brand that she is currently the face of. Looking stunning in a bright yellow Miu Miu dress and pared down make up. Many have criticised this cover but I really like it sometimes simple is best.  Vogue Japan is well known for featuring a whole host of top western models and celebrities. I do love Vogue Japan but I do wish they'd feature more Japanese models and celebrities.


  1. Wow I really can't imagine what anyone would have to criticize this cover about! But Sometimes ppl just have to complain! I think it is absolutely gorg!


  2. Yeah the cover looks good. I agree though if it's catering for a Japanese audience they should feature more Japanese models. Unless western cover models sell more issues in Japan?

  3. I'm not familiar with Vogue Japan, but I agree they should be featuring more Japanese models on the cover! How about Rumi Neely, even? I know she's only half-Japanese but still...

  4. yes its a sad fat that western celebs are money makers in japan. and not jus in the mag world.


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