Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shu Uemura/Aya Takano Collaboration

Japanese makeup/skincare brand is well known for their brilliant collaborations but in my humble opinion they've really outdone themselves this time. Their newest one is called abracadbra fantasy.

They have collaborated with well known Japanese artist Aya Takano. An artist who mixes science fiction and Manga and adds a touch of sensualism to great effect. In her collection with shu uemura she has created vibrant, colourful little art pieces which are truly eye catching in gorgeous shades.

The collection includes eye palettes, lip tints and glosses, brushes and their world renowned cleansing oil. This collection is at the top of my christmas list.


  1. The packaging all look cute~I wonder if it's good use^^

  2. its shu uemura so it'll probably be really good quality xx

  3. I'm all over this year's collection as you know XDD!
    I really think this was such a perfect "fit." The way she blushes her characters and the vivid colors. This definitely the collection I'm OK giving into :)

  4. Packaging calls to my inner little girl)) If the quality turns out to be what you expect, then it's something I'd like to have as well)

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  5. So adorable! I love how compact and colorful it all is!

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  6. Aw the items are super cute.

    Are the pots lip tints or blushers? They look very interesting like a 2 in 1. I also like the girl on the lip gloss packaging ^^

    Shu Uemura is still in far reach to me haha maybe one day I can get myself to pay that amount for makeup. At the moment it won't hurt to look and drool a bit over them!

  7. i love how girly the packaging is.

  8. the pots are lip tints :)

  9. i completely agree XD

  10. shu uemura r well renowned for creating high quality products


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