Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Introducing Japanese Student/Blogger Midoh

I first discovered Midoh when she followed me on twitter. She's a really awesome girl and super nice. She's a student from Japan with a huge love of KPop and Hello Kitty :) From the moment we started chatting i've wanted to feature her on my blog as I love her sense of style. She writes a really cute blog that includes posts on Japanese culture, food & fashion. You all should check out her blog -

If this post is well received I'd love to feature more Japanese bloggers :)

I love her cute but casual style and I love the way she co-ordinates her outfits :)

What do you all think? Should I feature more posts like this.



  1. Interesting that she doesn't like to show her face. I used to have a cardigan just like the cream one with red flowers (?). Mine was vintage and had red strawberries. I loved it. I also like her high-waisted shorts with buttons up front.

  2. Aawwww wyes yes yes I relly would like to see more of this serie of posts about japanese bloggers! I find really interesting how they can completely transform trends into something new and japanese-like! And they are always super cute whatever they put on, too... ;D Lovely!


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