Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beauty Love – Tokyo Milk

With a name like Tokyo Milk I was bound to be drawn to this cosmetics brand. With a range that included lipbalms, lipsticks, candles, perfume, mirrors and body lotion it has something for everyone. The packaging has a distinctive vintage feel to it with many of the products french or japanese inspired including geisha designs and Japanese pagodas. At the moment they don't sell in the UK only in America but you can view all their products at and they accept international orders but only by phone (full details on the website)

Which is your favorite item? What do you think of the packaging?



  1. i love the shanghai girls! has this been around for a while? i feel like i've been seeing it around.

  2. I think its quite new about year old but dont quote me on that as ive only jus discovered them myself xx

  3. Oh my, the packaging is lovely and so feminine. I'm really interested in the perfume but they'd all be good even if it is to collect the packaging >.>


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