Friday, December 10, 2010

FBFF - Connecting with my Readers


This weeks fashion and beauty friend Friday is on the subject of connecting with your readers.

How important do you think reader connectedness is to the success
of your blog?

I feel that connecting with my readers is the single most important factor of running a blog. There's nothing worse than a really well written blog where the blogger never connects either via replying to comments or commenting back on the blogs of those who comment. Comments in my opinion are the lifeblood of a blog and half the reason why I keep returning to particular blogs. I thrive on connecting with other bloggers through comments and of course twitter. Whenever I get a comment notification in my email inbox my lips part and out pops a smile. New followers are great of course but comments are the reason for blogging. Receiving feedback is what makes me happy and also lets me know which content my readers prefer. Twitter is another great way of keeping in touch with readers and other bloggers on a more personal level.

2. What do you do to draw readers in and create that writer-reader bond?

I try to create content that encourages reader feedback. I share parts of myself that are personal and close to my heart. I let them into my life and like comments that let me into theirs. Through this way of writing content I have managed to forge some writer-reader friendships that are very important to me and not just for the success of my blog. There are many of my readers that I hope to meet in real life even though we're seperated by continents. I try in the most case to write from my heart and I hope that it reflects in my post. These are the reasons I started bloging in the first place and the reason that I continue to blog on a regular basis. Blogging has opened up my world to a whole host of different people that I would never have known about or connected with if it wasn't for blogging and this is something i'm very thankful for.

What is one way you could improve this connection?

FBFF is great for connecting as is IFB. I think that just continuing to reply to comments and utilising IFB and FBFF is the way to keep improving the connection alongside with doing more outfit posts. Im very shy which is the main reason I don't do many outfit posts and because I don't have the best camera for outfit photos as I take most photos myself. Though for Xmas I hope to get an SLR with tripod and remote which should make a huge difference.

Is there a blogger you think does a great job creating that writer- reader bond? Why?

Oooo just one! This is a difficult one as there are soo many out there. I can't pick one though I'll narrow it down to 3.

The first is Miss Violet Lebeaux of .                                                                                                                                            This is the first blog I ever followed and my inspiration for starting a blog. She has been a constant source of encouragement and she has fostered a good relationship with her readers through sharing alot of aspects of her life and almost always responding to comments and inviting readers to decide what kind of content she posts. I count her as a blogging friend and a mentor and she enjoys close relationships with a lot of her fellow bloggers as her blog and twitter demonstrate.

Second up is Vahni of .                                                                                                                                                                     I discovered this blog through FBFF and I'm so glad I did.  This is a blogger who regularly gets 40+ comments on her posts but everytime I post a comment she comments ack on my log and she regularly supports and promotes other bloggers. She's just an all round lovely woman whose posts positively encourage connection with her readers.

Thirdly is Collette of .                                                                                                                                                            Her openness even about the most painful of subjects ensure she connects with her readers. She's one brave blogger who really makes me think about my own life and everytime I read her log I feel I know her that little bit more.

What do you do to cultivate new readers? How do you get them to your site in the first place?

The main thing I do to cultivate new readers is try my best to create well written unique contact. I promote myself and my blog via twitter, facebook, IFB and of course my FBFF weekly posts and by integrating myself into the blogging community by forging relationships via commenting and following blogs whose content I like. Joining handpicked media has been a good way to cultivate new readers as well as they promote my blog both on their site and through their twitter. Attending blogger events has been a recent source of connecting with other bloggers.

All other FBFF can be found on Katie's blog - and you can also find out how to sign up for FBFF on her blog.

How do you feel about ways in which bloggers can connect with their readers?



  1. Aww thank you so much for including me in your post ^_^ I'm so happy that you feel that way about my blog and I! <3

  2. Thanks for the mention, sugar! I appreciate it.

    I think you are totally on the right track with your blog. It's looking great, and you're doing all the right things!

    Happy Friday!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  3. You come to blogging as you are ... so few do that. Bravo. Wondering what FBFF is, will google later.

  4. very nice interview :) love gritandglamoour too

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  5. Great articles, thanks for posting!! I enjoyed reading this. :)

    Kirstin Marie

  6. yep she's v awesome :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by kirstin :)

  8. FBFF is fashion beauty friend friday - you can check it out at :) thanks 4 all your lovely comments xx

  9. aww thx a lot v it means a lot coming from you :)

  10. its no secret that i think ur super awesome :)

  11. I think maintaining a good connection to readers is definitely an important thing. I've spoken to many bloggers who argue the reasons for turning off comments. I guess some bloggers are so big that they just cannot answer all their comments. I disagree though and I think comments are an integral way for communication for me. I use twitter, tumblr but don't yet have a facebook page for my blog but who knows, I might change that eventually. Your blog is great though, keep it up!

  12. i would never ever turn off my comments. Reader feedback is one of the best things about blogging xx

  13. yay! i've discovered another friend friday blogger! i adore reading these posts and have already read a bunch on this topic. your points are wonderful btw. and i too adore vahni! she's the one who taught me that it's good to respond to commenters on their blogs and that has really helped me gain a great back and forth with fellow bloggers. this topic is just so fantastic, mega cheers to katy for setting up the whole thing and it's lovely to meet you also!

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  14. FBFF is a wonderful group of bloggers. I already know you and your blog via IFB and congrats on the sunglass hut competition :) and thx so much for the lovely comment :


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