Monday, November 7, 2011

17 BB Cream Review

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Korean BB Cream particularly the Missha and Skin 79 brands. Now they've made their way onto the British high street and I couldn't be happier. But do they compare with the Korean version and what exactly is a BB cream?

BB stands for blemish balm. Put simply it's a formulation that aims to deliver full coverage, hide imperfections, hide dark circles, even skintone, moisturise, correct skin complaints and protect against UV rays.

The 17 version comes in two shades light and medium. I opted for medium and it was a good colour match. But I was disappointed in the lack of colour choices. There are more than 2 shades of skin after all. I was sorely disappointed in the garnier version so I'm hoping this one fares better.


Currently on offer for £5.99 but the usual price is £6.99. 17 is also on 3 for 2 at the moment.


17 claim that it evens skintone, covers imperfections and gives a flawless finish. But are the claims true? In a word - NO! I suffer from light and dark areas on my face like a lot of mixed race ladies so hoped that their claim that it evens skintone was true. But no such luck. After application my skintone wasn't evened out. Very disappointing.

The result was far from a flawless finish and imperfections were in no way hidden. When I use my Korean BB cream it does do what 17 claims to but the 17 one is a big fail. It is less of a BB cream and more of a poor tinted moisturiser. It does give your skin a nice sheen but that's its only redeeming quality.

Would I buy it again? In two words - no way! I'd be better off buying a foundation. It would give me much better coverage. So disappointed with this product. It seems I'll be buying the Korean version until the UK ups its game.


  1. oooh you dont mince your words

  2. oooh you dont mince your words

  3. you should try the garnier one they came out with a BB cream recently, you can get a sample from them so you dont have to spend so much money on just testing a product :)


  4. i bought this bb cream recently and couldn't disagree with you more! it evens my skin tone perfectly and  hides my acne scars a lot better than any foundation of a similar price. plus, the light colour is an exact match for my skin- i have never found the right colour foundation before! i love this product :)

  5. I was very dispointed in the colour range in the Garnier BB cream as i have very light skin, so i tried this and the light suits me perfects and gives me good enough coverage! :)

  6. I'm 13 years old, female. Since I've been adolescent, I've been very conscious about my face. Back then, I used a lot of products such as ponds, Myra-E and many other. Now I'm just using dove. But recently, I've been noticing holes in my cheeks and nose. And it seems that hairs are growing in there. I think that's because I used Iwhite Korea face and nose peel several times. What to do ? What should I use ? BB cream dream girls, Hot pink or lovely girl ? Thanks :)))

  7. Good review! I am keen to check this one out still - I have also used the garnier one but find I have to mix it with a normal foundation to give me the colour/coverage I need. Its a shame that the UK ones are not living up to the Korean ones. Out of interest - where do you buy your Missha or Skin 79 BB creams from?? Its hard finding an international site that delivers to the UK at a reasonable price! Nicky xx


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